Nico Nico Nii~ Sorry guys, I’m calling it a night!

Later you guys.

OH? I just took a glance at y’er profile, my mistake~ WHOOPS. 

I have been playing HARD on all the songs. I’m doing the S Trophies for Combo to get 1000 Bond Points in every song. I only have 1 more Hard song to get another S Trophy Combo, that is until I unlock more songs.

Potential Spoiler for those who haven’t played Wadanohara but I’d like to make a confession:

I love how in the ending, the moment Wadanohara sees Samekichi again, the light in her eyes come back! If you had noticed, when Samekichi was gone, Wadda’s eyes were dark grey the entire time he was gone. Just thinking about how long it has been since she last saw him too. I thought it was a nice touch to a beautiful ending!! Wadanohara x Samekichi


Also, Lobco~ She needs love.


Twitter / HitenKei: @airshoot153_ …

Super Sadist Kotori

Daang DM, Rank 80? You have been playing for a long time~ I’m already having trouble leveling up to Rank 19! Must have been quite a while.

I fully maxed my Nico! Max Level (60) and Max Bond (200)